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This seems to be the most frequently asked question by global buyers. The answer is: Both. We started our business in 2009 as a business office of factory (produce clean brush and paint brush).

In the beginning, we only sell and export products manufactured from our own factory. With the development of the business, our product line became wider and wider, we started to purchase from many other manufacturers and handle consolidated orders.

Finally, we became a separate company independently in 2011. Subsequently, we developed rapidly and established cooperative relationships with many manufacturers. 

However, not all factories are worthy of long-term cooperation. Some cooperation have also created a lot of problems and troubles for us, and some have brought a lot of losses.

In the early stages of our development, we learned deeply that the cost of working with the wrong suppliers was too high. We encountered various problems that we cannot tolerate and we suffered huge losses. 

Those factories who increase prices at will, those factories who deliberately quoting higher prices for orders of export goods, those factories pay little attention to order delivery and fulfillment, those factories with frequent delivery delays and responsibility, and factories who cannot supply qualified products continuously. We will never cooperate again.

We learned deeply that the cost of working with the wrong suppliers was too high. Thus, we attach great importance to selecting qualified suppliers, and we spent much time selecting and developing qualified manufacturers, together with conducting follow-up evaluations.

Our top principle is that: We only work with the RIGHT factories. No matter how big they are, no matter how long time they exist, as long as they can produce in strict accordance with our rules and requirements.

Then we evaluated some of them and choose the proper ones, negotiate with them. And the best part is that: We invest real money into our approved suppliers, acquire shares and deepen the relationships.

In this way we could have control power on manufacturing sector. And we still keep good conditions (price & quality), even better than some other manufacturers.

Thanks to the support from our long-term customers, after seven¬†years of development, we now have 3 owned factories, one produces clean brushes, and the other two produce paint roller and art paint brush. We’ve invested more than 15 million RMB (about 2.25 billion U.S. Dollars) in total.

DELIVER QUALIFIED GOODS CONTINUOUSLY is our principle and we always treat it seriously.

We located in Hefei city, Anhui province. 

Reach us by air :

Shanghai РHefei  about 50 minutes  |  Guangzhou РHefei  about 1.5 hour  |  Shenzhen РHefei  about 2 hours

Hongkong РHefei  about 2 hours  |  Qingdao РHefei  about 75 minutes

Reach us by train :

Shanghai РHefei about 3 hours  |  Wuhan РHefei  about 2 hours  |  Ningbo РHefei about 4 hours  |  Yiwu РHefei about 4 hours

If you are not sure for the best route, you could contact us. We will give you suggestion to assure you have a good trip.

Our brushes and paint rollers are low value daily-use consumables, we mainly sell to business customers (B2B).

If customized products, our MOQ is 3000-5000pcs.

If our normal products, MOQ is 500pcs.

For some special order like trial order or supplementary order, the MOQ is negotiable according to specific conditions.

Yes, of course. We accept OEM and private labeling.

We have many experts in the industry and will try to develop products according to custom designs, logo imprinting, color choices, and other branding elements to align the brushes with your brand identity.

Just send us the CAD drawing, logo, pictures or the files you have, we will make the idea come true.

Usually samples (or counter samples) are free, we don’t charge for it. However, we might charge courier cost or ask for customer’s courier account.

We send many samples on our account every week and month, it’s a very big cost caused by this. So now we are required to ask for customer’s courier account. If we can reach an order, the courier cost will be deducted from the amount of total amount. Hope you can understand and thanks for your understanding & support.

We know when a customer let us send samples, it means the customer has interest in the products or would like to give a chance to evaluate whether could work with. We really appreciate that and we will try to find a way to reduce the pre-order cost.

We will send producton samples to customers and the samples are free of charge.

Quality is our top priority. We employ rigorous quality control measures throughout the production process to ensure that every brush meets our high standards of quality and durability. For example, before materials on production line, we will have QC team to inspect in warehouse. Besides, will spot-check during production and when goods finished. The last inspection will be during packing.

Yes, we offer warranties and guarantees on many of our products. The specific terms and conditions can vary, so please inquire about the warranty coverage for the brushes you are interested in.

We have a customer-friendly return and exchange policy. If you encounter any issues with our products, please contact our customer support team, and we will promptly address your concerns. The most important is we will find problems solutions with customers no matter problems from us or others.

We assist with customs documentation to streamline the import process. Import duties and taxes are typically the responsibility of the buyer, but we can provide guidance on this matter. If buyer not want to take much time on customs clearance, we also can provide DDP shipping until goods arrived customers’ warehouse.

We accept various payment methods, including bank transfers and credit cards. Our payment terms may differ based on the nature of the order. Please consult our sales team for specific details.